The winter holiday of dreams turns real in Lake Bled

Fascinating the visitors with a scenery that seems to exist only in fairytales, one of the most glorious Slovenian tourist sites actually is a favoured choice for every season. The dazzling beauty of Lake Bled shines in the area of the Julian Alps which also happens to be the main region for snow sports activities in the country. A wonderful vacation at the shore of the picturesque pond is possible in April or July but anyway the demand to book a suite or a house peaks during that time of the year when the surrounding landscape is predominantly white. And choosing Lake Bled for a winter holiday may really make your dreams come true.

Well, to be honest, the nearest available ski zone will hardly impress experienced riders and snowboarders. Straza is one of the hills surrounding the water and the distance from the town of Bled to the slopes is measured in walking distance. But with roughly 1,5 km length of all the trails, it’s more appropriate for rookies than for trained searching for thrills. Besides that, the snow melts faster on altitude under 700 m above the sea level.

No need to put a grin on your face anyway – several larger ski resorts lay in the vicinity of Lake Bled. The transportation to the most prominent winter sports centre of the country – Kranjska Gora, usually takes less than an hour since the Alpine World Cup venue is only 40 km away. And other famous sites like Vogel and Kobla happen to be within reach and are to be found on the map at even closer distances. One of the greatest options for the winter holidays in Lake Bled is to combine the accommodation in a hotel around the magical pond and take the chance to visit some of those ski resorts. And why not all three of them – ski passes available for Kranjska Gora, Kobla and Vogel can be bought in Bled where you can hire also the equipment needed for the ride on the slopes.

Enjoy the Winter Fairytale

Castle Bled in Lake Bled Slovenia

Are there other adventures waiting for you during the coldest months in Lake Bled? Well, the Winter Fairytale starts in the beginning of December and goes on in January too to bring the festive mood in the town. You can walk around a designated area to try the traditional Gorenjska region food and drinks. The local people say that the biggest natural Christmas tree grows in Bled impossible to go unnoticed. And there is a giant chair to sit below the super-sized fir and take a picture with your family or with your friends. Surely an ice rink represents one of the main entertaining options for a winter holiday and around Lake Bled such choice is available with a view to the area around. But even if the temperatures drop down to minus 10 degrees Celsius and the surface of the lake freezes better avoid skating there.

Some of the main attractions in the area are not available in the cold though. The boat trips to the island in the middle of the pond happen rarely, the waterfalls freeze and some of the sites around are closed. But the unique ambience and the divine scenery are always there and the winter holidays in Lake Bled can really make your dreams come true. You can find some of the best deals from Balkan Holidays.

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