Croatia and Bulgaria are waiting for you!

Best 2018 All-Inclusive Holiday Review: Bulgaria vs Croatia

Drawing the picture of a perfect summer holiday, you will probably put the sun on the horizon, the tender sands in your feet and the warm salty water to swim in. And if for some reason you don’t have to pay for it – there is nothing more to ask. Except for a great company to share the time with. And while it isn’t entirely free, the options for all-inclusive Bulgaria and Croatia provide ranks among the best purchases money can buy.


Pay upfront for the summer break and during the stay at the Black Sea shore or at the Adriatic coast you can save a significant amount of expense – actually there will be no need to spend on anything beyond your means. Speaking of cheap all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria, for example, a whole family has the chance to book a week-long vacation costing 300 GBP per person or even less. If such numbers seem to be an unimaginable perspective, check the most trusted tour operator in the region – Balkan Holidays, for the greatest Bulgaria all inclusive deals for the 2018 season.


It’s Sunny, it’s Ruby and it’s cheaper than you ever have thought of

Holidays to Bulgaria all inclusive
Bulgaria – we all love it!

Yes, one of the most affordable choice among Bulgaria holidays all inclusive list is indeed represented by the 3-stars Hotel Ruby, situated at the increasingly popular Sunny Beach resort. The 7 days there is priced little more than 300 pounds per person in case of reservation for four people. But guess what – even cheaper option appear on the menu, represented by 285 GBP per person deal provided by the Palazio hotel, located in the same town, 300 m away from the sea.


Searching for all inclusive Bulgaria can offer outside the Sunny Beach area. Pomorie is one really nice town only 15 km from the Burgas airport and the cheapest purchase there in the heat of 2018 is the eponymous hotel which turns out to be highly popular among British tourists. Priced at 332 GBP per person for a week, it competes in the 3-star category by the deals available on the Vita Park list, located on the north side of the Bulgarian coastline at the Albena resort.


Launching for all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria occurs to be one great opportunity also for the upper categories. 4-star accommodation for prices as low as 350 GBP is available in Sun Palace at Sunny Beach and there are more than 20 lodgings where the week-long stay per person is on the list for less than 400 GBP – Hotel Festa Panorama in Nessebar, or Arabella at the Golden Sands, just to name a few. Among the top level hotels Marina Grand Beach, Golden Sands is the most affordable Bulgaria all inclusive 5-star option for less than 430 GBP per person if booked on time. The standard price for the highest category stands around 500 pounds.


Croatia deserves to be visited

All inclusive holidays to croatia
Croatia deserves to be visited!

Going from the east coast of the Balkan Peninsula to west coast there are the beautiful shores of the Adriatic Sea in the reach. Compared to Bulgaria, an all-inclusive holiday to Croatia will cost more. It’s hard to find any 5-star choice on the list and for the majority of the 3-star hotels in Istria and Dalmatia, you will need the 7-days budget that is available for one level up of accommodation on the Black Sea.


In the list of all inclusive hotels, Croatia anyway has some purchases to be caught like Orsan in Orebic for less than 450 GBP per person. Staying for a week at the magnificent Dubrovnik for a price lower than 500 GBP represents a real bargain and it is available at the Valamar Club through Balkan Holidays early booking. The town is a magnet for hundreds of thousands of tourists due to its gorgeous architecture and significant heritage but also thanks to the fact that it is one of the main locations for the filming of Game of Thrones. Yes, you are not mistaken, the real King’s Landing is actually situated on the Adriatic coast.


On the menu of 4-star all-inclusive Croatia can beat the competition with some great deals. Like the ones at Remisens Hotel Albatros in Cavtat or Aminess Grand Azur in Orebic. Early reservation makes it possible to pay less than 500 GBP per person for a week-long stay.


So which coast to choose for the summer of 2018?

Croatia and Bulgaria are waiting for you!
Croatia and Bulgaria are waiting for you!

Hard to tell. A great value for money options when it comes to all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria – the main reason to choose the Black Sea. The nice sands add another point to the eastern coast of the Balkans. The beaches of Croatia happen to be rockier but many would say that the scenery of the Adriatic shore is tough to beat not only in that region of Europe but worldwide. Try both Bulgaria and Croatia if you have the budget to compare it for yourself.




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