Watch out who’s running on the Borovets webcams

Being not only the all-time most successful Bulgarian athlete in the Alpine skiing but also dedicated to the progress in the downhill and slalom of the future generation, his name is a legend. Well, Petar Popangelov might not be as famous worldwide as Alberto Tomba is but just like the Italian champion he has at least one piste named after him. Expectedly Popangelov run is to be found on the Rila mountain hills and could be watched in real-time in the view of not one but two of the Borovets webcam network.

Since the most prominent Alpine star of Bulgaria has been born in the nearby town Samokov, he’s a real idol for the kids and for their parents too who remember how their fellow compatriots shone brightly in the World Cup back in the 80s. The run named after Petar “The Great” isn’t actually in the list of the hardest challenges in the oldest winter sports complex in the country – Popangelov run ranks in the Red type characteristics where total rookies could be unwanted but could an easy one for the experts who still have to check on skiing webcam to see if it’s crowded by “slow” riders.


Cameras love the stars


Petar Popangelov’s tuition is a part of the agenda during the 2017-2018 season. The famous Bulgarian skier open classes for children on the Yastrebets 3 slope – once again a Red kind and situated right next to the piste bearing his family name. He will be out of sight a bit since that exact trail which is unusual for a star used to be in the focus of the cameras. But even if the eye of the video recorder loves to stare at the famous people, Borovets ski webcams have been installed to help everybody, not just the idols like Popangelov.


And the view isn’t purposed for elders to watch their grandchildren riding down the hills from thousands of miles away. An old Midland lady, for example, would hardly recognize her granddaughter just staring at some of the Borovets webcams because there will be too many people everywhere she looks, the image isn’t a close one and the motion picture actually lacks. And while the views do not change 25 times per second as in the HD television, there is more to be seen than just static photos since the data updates every two or three seconds – so it’s more like a slideshow, not a movie.


From the top to the heart of the resort


Regarding the leading winter resorts in Bulgaria, webcams are to be found in greater number on the slopes of Borovets. The whole system goes up from the top of the skiing zone down to the heart of the village. The highest group of runs is in Markudjika area and the four runs there bear just a number after the name of that region in Rila mountain which is situated closer to mount Musala (2925 m above the sea level) than any other zone for winter sports activity. Two cameras follow in real-time the circumstances around Markudjika to help to prevent even the smallest hazard, you can check them out at balkanholidays webpage. The region located above to last station of the cabin lift lists among the places with a potential avalanche danger in certain conditions and the Borovets webcam live coverage bring up a view of the area that helps evaluate the risks together with the data from the weather posts.


In the upper part of the complex, there is a vision from the camera installed at the top of the Yastrebets 1 run. Sliding down you’ll have a view from the top of the Sitnyakovo Express chairlift. In the mid-area except for the two ski webcams around Popangelov slope, a glimpse of what’s going on is available also for Martinovi Baraki group of runs, one of which is from the Black type and isn’t recommended for anybody except experts. The visual downhill finishes in the base station of the ski resort where two cameras have been installed.


With more than a 1000 m displacement in altitude for the whole Rila mountain complex, Borovets webcams system provides with views from nine spots in the area. No other Bulgarian winter vacation village comes up with more information for that matter so far. The fast working network is in support to everyone residing in the resort when considering which run or group of pistes to be targeted for a ride. If the conditions on Markudjika group happen to be too harsh, the weather might look different in the area of Martinovi Baraki. The views are updated to the real-time status so if it isn’t about a dramatic turnover in a matter of minutes, there will hardly be any surprise from what you see before leaving your room to embark on the lift.



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