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The Best Places to Visit This Summer 2018 in Bulgaria

The country located in the heart of The Balkans and stretching to the eastern frontier of the peninsula brings not one or two but at least two or three dozens of great opportunities to spend a great time during the summer break. It depends on what are your preferences for the mid-year vacation. If you wish to enjoy the sun and the sea, then opting for Sunny Beach holidays, for example, would be appropriate. But you might want to skip the heat and to walk for hours in the shadows of the old forest – Bulgarian mountains will embrace you in such kind of adventure. Visiting the biggest cities like Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Bourgas or places with reach heritage like Veliko Tarnovo, Belogradchik, or Nessebar is also a great opportunity. The latter mentioned is also situated on the Black Sea and except being a neighbor, Nessebar represents the Sunny Beach 2018 main competition in the business, especially when it comes to attracting the foreign tourists.


So it wouldn’t be easy to choose. But let’s assume that in the summer the focus turns mainly to the sea.


So what makes Sunny Beach, Bulgaria stand out?


The answer is probably summed up in the most compact and direct manner by the Post Office survey the results of which came out last year. The Sunny Beach holidays are ranked on the top when it comes to access the best-valued seaside destinations on the planet. No, it’s not a joke, neither it is an overstatement – this is the result of a thorough research including about 50 resorts around the globe. One of the reasons for the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria first place is the affordable accommodation – you can find a room that costs less than 200 GBP per person for a whole week! The cheap food and drinks in the resort add to the low prices of the hotels to blend the mix of the budget-oriented vacation.


Spending less money on the holidays is great, but is there something else? In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach and other places on the coastline attract the travelers with the beauty of the seaside sites and with nice conditions around the sea. The Black Sea shores have some rocky areas but the most prominent resorts offer wonderful sandy strips to the tourists to crash a few steps away from the water. Speaking of the weather, Sunny Beach welcomes its guests for more than one quarter of the year. The Sunny Beach 2018 season officially started in mid-June but the temperature two or three weeks earlier was also suitable for a holiday experience. The water is lukewarm for the first visitors in late-May but in July and August the sea is warm enough for everyone and the days with strong winds and high waves occur typically rarely. If there is more luck with the weather, Sunny Beach season might last beyond mid-September.


Sunny Beach holidays = 24-hours party


The leading Bulgarian resort gained an increasing notoriety as one of the leading summer destinations on The Balkans so much that it is now dubbed „Eastern Europe Ibiza“. The growing number of foreign visitors including German, Russian, Israeli, and British, of course, find a reasonable explanation in the great variety of nightclubs and discos placed around the beach and the center of the town. The party „animals“ from different parts of the continent gather on the Cacao Beach for dance and celebration till dawn – as a matter of fact, this is the reason many young people choose Sunny Beach holidays. Maybe it is noisier sometimes but the fun never stops. And if it is not your kind of vacation, Bulgaria has numerous alternatives for the summer break in 2018.



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