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What is a good value? A summer holiday to Golden Sands, Bulgaria of course!

Some would say it’s all about the beach – Golden Sands, Bulgaria proudly hosts one of the greatest strips in the Black Sea and (why not?) in Eastern Europe as a whole. Many others would the party in the pole-position of the preferences to choose the main resort in the northern part of the Bulgarian coastline. But both types, we can’t be more confident about it, would hail Golden Sands as one of the top opportunities on the map in the search of summer holidays for a good value.


Couples and families appreciate the chance


If considering a vacation is already on the list and you rank as a top destination Bulgaria, Golden Sands deserve to be pinned out as a great choice for one week that will lay light on the budget and will serve you with a nice time on the beach. Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays have been often highlighted as a primary goal of a family type deals. Or the kind for couples in case the kids are not around (or have not come yet to the world) – booking early with Balkan Holidays might save you 600 GBP or even more.


Looking for an outstanding value for the holidays in Bulgaria – Golden Sands will answer back with a variety of opportunity in the whole spectrum of prices and categories. Well, speaking of costs, even the most expensive suits in Golden Sands will need significantly less money to spend compared to the Western Europe resorts.


Probably the greatest choice to catch is represented by the 4-star segment. Booking a room or an apartment a star short of the highest level might make your eyes pop up seeing the numbers in Golden Sands, Bulgaria. 300 GBP per person for a week on all-inclusive accommodation – are you kiddin’ me? Not a bit – such deal is up for grabs concerning Hotel Helios Spa when booked for three individuals and combined with a flight from Glasgow.


Not the only bargain on display – Hotel Glarus stays a few steps from the sea and from the yacht port. The price for an individual in a combo of three adults booking an apartment for a week and a plane from Birmingham was set to just above 400 GBP for an early reservation. Among the plenty of hits on the market regarding the holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands shines out with some of the most outstanding opportunities.


The flights are available from most of the major UK airports

Being a resident in Great Britain, you would hardly be too distant from a venue that lists planes taking off to Bulgaria (and flying back too, sure). London, Midlands, Manchester, Glasgow, you name it – in the summer the number of flights increases as the demand grows exponentially too. We have already mentioned that you need to check if the desired Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays deal matches the airport that suits you the most. And don’t forget to make sure that the point of landing in Bulgaria is Varna. It wouldn’t make sense and it would scrape from the value to book a seat on a plane to Sofia or Bourgas since both cities stay much further away from Golden Sands – and Varna is just half-hour away.


Wondering what time is perfect for great holidays in Bulgaria? Golden Sands is located in the northern part of the country’s coastline where the season happens to be slightly shorter than in the south. But still anytime from early-June to mid-September might reward you with great weather and warm and calm water. Don’t think too long – you’ll have the time for this after booking you Golden Sands, Bulgaria holidays.

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