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Get inspired to travel in Bulgaria during the summer

The beach, the mountain, the sightseeing in the cities, or the travel from one spot to another – some would say that you can’t have it all during the summer vacation. But guess what – the opportunity to experience all of this is tangible if you consider the option to embark on cheap holidays to Bulgaria. The country located in the heart of the Balkans has all the ingredients needed for an unforgettable enjoyment in the middle of the year!


Where would you like to stay?


Even if your agenda is the versatile vacation, we assume that most probably you would like to spend more or most of your break time on the seaside. The cheap holiday places of accommodation on the Black Sea are available all along the coastline but to be sure that the quality is satisfying too, better check the deals of those that have proved over and over through the years to know what tourists need and look for in the region. You might think of a shorter term of beach break but in such case have in mind that you might miss the most affordable picks on the list. Looking for a good quality on a restricted budget means that considering the package holidays to Bulgaria perhaps will fit you the best.


Spending one day here and the other on the road to reach somewhere else is possible but it needs a strict planning and strong calculation skills to stay on the premises of your financial means. And surely in Bulgaria weather conditions play the key role in the process of considering the type of adventure that feels like being the most enjoyable in your mind. You might think of Sunny Beach vacation for the greater part of the time but if the rain or the high waves are about to jeopardize your experience – well, then you don’t have to stay all the day in your room or in the restaurant. Try a trip to the city of Bourgas or the nearby town of Nessebar which deserves to be visited.


Or you may even go further but then the sleepover should be an option to think of. The Black Sea coast isn’t that close to the main highlands in the country except for the easternmost section of Stara Planina (or Balkan – the range that gave the name to the whole region). More elaborate travel to Bulgaria – several days on the seaside and few more in Rhodopes, Rila or Pirin mountains also might turn around the planning to think of one airport to land (Varna or Bourgas near the shoreline) and another to take off back (Sofia or Plovdiv represent the inland options).


Pretty complicated, uh? Not that much. The cheap holidays to Bulgaria make it achievable to leave your hotel near the beach for one night or two and to take a trip to some of the biggest cities (or to the mountains) and then go back to the sea. It shouldn’t take more than three or four hours on the road in one direction. What you save with the cheap holiday places bookings could be redirected as an additional reward for a better experience during your vacation.


Oh, don’t want to ride around that much?


But you still hold on to the desire to visit some other places except for the beach. Then a reservation to Golden Sands might work really well for you. Except for the tour to the biggest city in the area (in this case – Varna), you, the tourist, can take a half-hour long drive to the north to enjoy the colorful town of Balchik. Or travel a little bit more to see the beauties around the Cape Kaliakra – and a game of golf is a thing you can enjoy there too. All of this is achievable in the daylight and for the dinner, you can return to the hotel chosen during the search for package holidays to Bulgaria.


To be honest with you – one week wouldn’t be enough for you. The travel to Bulgaria will open a great spectrum of opportunities both with the warm smiles of the sea and the open arms of the mountains, with the old history and modern look of the cities. So you can have it all, but you’ll need the time for it.

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