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Bansko Ski resort – hotels and holiday bookings

People started to book Bansko ski holidays that it made the competition in the winter tourism wonder why is this happening. One of the leading managers of the Pirin Mountain resort admitted that recently there were several occasions of “secret guest” visiting the town to learn more about its success. And these travelers in disguise were people managing other snow recreational complexes who have made a stay at some of the Bansko hotels and attempted on some “business espionage.” It remains unclear where were these people coming although one might guess.


The success of Bansko ski resort is no secret

You don’t need the “sneak peek” to know what made that small town in the South-Western region of Bulgaria so prominent in the past decade. Undoubtedly the low-cost factor plays a major role. The price of the accommodation is sensational, and it made Bansko ski holidays the best-valued pick for the winter all around Europe. The place is the cheapest combining the room, the lift pass, and the daily expenses. Bansko ski zone has more than 75 km of Alpine runs during the winter and has risen to World Cup prominence in the 2010s.


The place becomes deserted on the New Year’s Eve

NYE in the mountains BanskoNo, we’re joking. It’s pretty packed up. Bansko ski holidays become extremely popular concerning the last day of the calendar and the dates around it. The Pirin Mountain resort is a favorite Christmas destination too. And don’t forget the Valentines. Right now it might have occurred to you to book some of the Bansko hotels for a vacation around 25-31 December or 14th of February. Well, you are hardly the first to consider such an option. With only a few weeks before the holidays, it looks evident that the greatest deals have been already taken. The closer you get to the favorable Bansko snow report, the bigger becomes the demand for that small town.

The late deals present on the Balkan Holidays catalog might save you. You shouldn’t be surprised that the price for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve vacation is higher than the cost for a random January week. Anyway, comparing Bansko ski options with any other destination regarding the last days of the calendar it is highly improbable to find a cheaper deal. Costs in the range from 550 to 800 British Pounds have been available less than a month prior to those special days. New Year’s celebration occurs to be the more expensive celebration, while for Christmas you can really spend less on a journey than making a feast at home as long as you choose to spend the holidays in Bansko ski resort.

The season indeed starts later compared to Austria or Switzerland. But in the second part of December Bansko snow report is usually highly favorable for great races on the slopes.

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