Watch out who’s running on the Borovets webcams

Being not only the all-time most successful Bulgarian athlete in the Alpine skiing but also dedicated to the progress in the downhill and slalom of the future generation, his name is a legend. Well, Petar Popangelov might not be as famous worldwide as Alberto Tomba is but just like the Italian champion he has at …

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The winter holiday of dreams turns real in Lake Bled

Fascinating the visitors with a scenery that seems to exist only in fairytales, one of the most glorious Slovenian tourist sites actually is a favoured choice for every season. The dazzling beauty of Lake Bled shines in the area of the Julian Alps which also happens to be the main region for snow sports activities …

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Tips To Travel Throughout USA on Budget

      Nowadays there’s a lots mode of travelling; like train, ocean cruises and air for people who like snug travel. Majority airliners provide new elite services and you’ll be able to search them on-line even the variations between business and top quality on Delta Airlines. However, truth travel enthusiasts or adventurer would opt …

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